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You think it is a market bottom, or close?
Re: Now is the time! Silver (rounds) are below $14/piece. Gettem while you can. -- Bartb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

03/16/2020, 13:45:42

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Bart --

The last silver I bought was $17.50, but I think that was last year. The $14 price is not attractive enough to cause me to add to my holdings, because I hold gold and silver more for SHTF considerations than as a financial investment.

It has been interesting that gold has lately traded down, even in the face of all the bad news. I read one article that purported to explain this, but I understood less after I read it than before.

So far, I have not bought or sold any investment holding. That is where I plan to remain.

Take care,

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