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p.s.: Robert: Did you know there was a similar problem with satellite GPS?
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Posted by: Russ Walden

03/15/2020, 11:23:04

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Robert --
You would only have encountered the problem if you had an "old" GPS device, which I do. Fittingly, my old GPS unit lives in my El Camino, which is even older. Although I am an early adopter for most tech stuff, I also tend to use stuff as long as it works for the purpose intended.

Anyhow, one day the GPS in my El Camino went out to lunch and could no longer recognize the date or time. I did some online research and learned that it had to do with the way the date was programmed in the early units. Fortunately, Magellan, the manufacturer, provided a nifty little program that gave it an attitude adjustment, so now it's all fixed.

Just FYI.

Take care,

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