Does anybdy (except me) remember that Johnny Carson once caused a shortage of toilet paper? . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

03/15/2020, 09:22:13

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Yep, he did. He made an off-hand, smart-ass comment on his show that he understood that there was going to be a shortage of toilet paper.

And, sure enough, the next day there was a shortage of toilet paper as people stocked up and cleaned out the stores.

You could probably look it up. I didn't, but I bet it's out there somewhere.

Same thing works with gasoline. If someone announces that there will be a shortage of gasoline -- there will be. Everybody will top off their tanks and, suddenly, millions of gallons of gasoline will disappear from the market.

Actually, Rush has the answer to the toilet paper problem. He has a parody inspired by Sheryl Crow that recommends using both sides of the paper. Yeah, that'll work.

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