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I just noticed...
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Posted by: TEEBONE

03/10/2020, 14:50:10

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...that my all-steel 2" loaded Rossi .357 Mag revolver is heavier than my loaded subcompact Glock 27 .40 S&W. Noticeably so.


6rds of .357 Mag (or .38 SPL Nyclad +P hollowpoints - kinder to my arthritis, nearly as powerful and more likely to be carried) compared to 11rds of fat, hard-hitting .40 S&W?

That choice nominally should be easy. Not that the Rossi is to be sneezed at - it's terminal performance with either ammo on a bad guy would be comparable, but the difference in tote weight + 5 more rounds at-the-ready is significant.

It's just that the Glock is so... well... OOGLY. Pursuant to form-follows-function it's the Mona Lisa, but c'mon, in reality it's aesthetically Barbra Streisand. That, and the Glock's grip is really short even with the +2 magazine base pad. The revolver's grip fills my whole hand, and at that power level the difference in purchase is not inconsequential.

But then, a bad guy wouldn't be pausing to critique (much less comment on) the finer parameters of beauty of the instrument that's about to put his lights out, now WOULD he?

Decisions, decisions....

Feel free to discuss.




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