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Smollette indicted on six counts - officials who spiked case under scrutiny for corruption.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/13/2020, 22:32:18

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No reason to post articles - it's simple- the special investigator assigned to review the facts of the case strongly contradicted the deeply corrupt officials who decided not to press charges on any of the crimes he obviously yea, flagrantly committed. 

So now that gay fool has six charges (albeit misdemeanor) for lying to law enforcement officers. That should give him and his attorney's something to do while he desperately racks his brain trying to find a way out of the mess he has caused for himself. 

Regardless of how the case resolves regarding the charges, this will likely be the coffin nails in any remote chance he could rehabilitate his image and get back to being an actor.

I can't believe there is any production company anywhere that would touch that fool with a ten foot pole. There are not many rules in H-Wood regarding how one may get "exposure" but they are firm.

One of the rules is this - don't commit crimes which will balloon into major public relations problems for any of your prospective employers. Doing stupid things like calling politicians you hate names (dozens of leftist actors do that), or licking donuts (like that moronic pop-star chick did) or saying idiotic things in support of various leftist causes  - all of that is fine. 

But the homo crossed the line when he engaged in a conspiracy to commit a fake attack on himself, then lied about it repeatedly to law enforcement when caught and worst of all, refusing to pretend to be sorry - all add up to making that moronic faggot poison to any production company. 

He thought he would get back as the production company he worked for because they didn't offer him enough money by making himself a martyr. Instead he forced them to fire him, got involved in what may be attempted bribery of public officials and made any human being with even shred of decency abhor him. 

That is known as "poor brand management" by publicists. I imagine his own publicist (if he even was smart enough to work with one) would have told him not to follow through with anything as stupid as what he came up with. 

He would have been told, "Lick some donuts. Threaten to murder the president. Vomit on a bus load of Christians. Get arrested protesting the shut-down of composting services for Venice CA. but keep it from becoming a national media story in an of itself. Be the side-show but not the main event. That's how to get publicity. 

I imagine he will not do well in prison if he ends up going there - not because he's gay but...well, actually it IS because he's gay - and (in the eyes of the prison population) a rich boy. heh 

I'm guessing he will spend more on lawyers than he can afford and so will go into debt. Maybe he can get a real job someday but more-likely he will kill himself. 

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