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Rudy's licking his chops:
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

02/10/2020, 18:03:40

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William Barr was handed one piece of evidence that could bring down this top Democrat | Renewed Right

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The Democrats’ thirst for investigating Donald Trump and the rest of their political rivals is about to blow up in their faces.

That’s because the shoe is now on the other foot.

And now William Barr was handed one piece of evidence that could bring down this top Democrat.

Democrats and their pals in the fake news media long claimed the President and Rudy Giuliani pursued so-called “conspiracy theories” about Hunter Biden and his shady ties to Burisma.

So-called “journalists” alleged there was no evidence of any wrongdoing by Hunter Biden and that “everyone” who looked in to the matter concluded there was nothing there.

That lie may have unraveled on Sunday.

Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox News and claimed to possess evidence that backed up his allegations that Hunter Biden was involved in an alleged money laundering scheme.

Giuliani also claimed that Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire the prosecutor while this money laundering scheme was alleged to have taken place.

“This is a money laundering transaction. It occurred just at the time that [former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin] was fired. And it’s about $14.6 million. And this is a notice from the Latvian government to the Ukrainian government that Hunter Biden is under investigation for corruption. […] And then it lays out — I’ll simplify it: $14.8 million goes from Ukraine, to a company in Latvia disguised as a loan.” Giuliani continued.

“Then it goes from Latvia to another company, disguised as another loan. In Cyprus. And then it goes to the U.S. — we lose track of it. Because when Shokin gets it, just about the day he’s fired, there’s no money in here for (board members) Devon Archer and Hunter Biden. Everybody else, the money is listed. All the other board members — money listed, money listed, money listed. None for them.”

Lindsey Graham addressed Giuliani’s allegations during an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation.

Graham revealed that Attorney General William Barr set up a process at the Justice Department for Giuliani to turn over any evidence of alleged Hunter Biden misdeeds.

“He told me that they had created a process that Rudy could give information, and they would see if it’s verified. Rudy Giuliani is a well-known man. He’s a crime fighter. He’s loyal to the president. He’s a good lawyer,” Graham declared.

The Fake News Media has tried to help Joe Biden skate through this scandal by claiming the matter involving Hunter Biden and Burisma has been thoroughly investigated and debunked.

But the fake news never tells you who supposedly conducted this investigation.

If Giuliani turns over his evidence to William Barr’s Justice Department, it will set in motion the first real investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption in Ukraine.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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