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We should thank Warren for exemplifying exactly the profane elitism from which the Left propounds its superiority.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

02/10/2020, 16:00:38

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Elitism: Warren Wants to Up Ammo Prices to Protect Minority Communities and Women

Beth Baumann
3-4 minutes

One of the most irritating things about the Democrats is their ability to think they speak for average people. They claim to be the party of minorities and women, but what's amazing is listening to these elitists sit on their thrown (sic) and tell average, everyday Americans what's best for them and their families. Sen. Elizabeth Warren did it again during an interview with WMUR's Adam Sexton. 

"You mentioned the gun issue and we got to talk about it on the debate stage Friday night," Sexton said. "You proposed a pretty significant tax increase on ammunition. So many of your plans are about lifting up people of lower incomes and disadvantaged communities, but that tax is probably going to fall disproportionately on their shoulders. Why target them with something like that that's going to make it harder for them to access Second Amendment rights, and, perhaps, alienate some fo the voters you need to win back from President Trump to win in 2020?"

According to Warren, America has a "gun violence problem."

"That means it's about mass shootings. It's also about shootings that occur on sidewalks and playgrounds. It disproportionately hits communities of color, but never raises a headline," she explained. "It's about suicides and lethality of suicides and, it about domestic violence and the much-increased odds that a woman will be killed if she's in a place with an abuser and there's also a gun in the home. So I approach this as a public health issue."

Warren failed to answer the question because there are multiple things wrong with her argument.

For one: how is Warren going to say that no one talks about shootings in communities of color? The deaths of Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were national headlines. They were stories that continued on for not just months, but years. In fact, it was Martin's death that lead to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Two: suicides account for the majority of deaths by firearms. If someone wants to take his or her own life, they will find a way to do so. Spending a little extra won't stop them from carrying out their act. Those who are suicidal need mental health treatment. Making ammo more expensive won't address that issue. 

Three: raising the price on ammo and even outlawing certain types of firearms and accessories doesn't keep criminals from illegally obtaining them. All that does is make it harder for people in smaller, poorer communities to obtain ammo for self-defense and even hunting. Raising the price of ammo can literally mean the difference between life and death for people and, for some families, that can be the difference between putting food on the table or not.

Don't you love it when wealthy elites sit on their pedestals and tell us how we should live our lives and what's best for us? 

Utterly brilliant. Let's price ammo completely out of the reach of the poorest people so that they cannot protect themselves in their homes and businesses. Meanwhile, back in hypocrisy and stupid land, This harpy has armed security.


Butbutbut.... you don't UNDERSTAND. The 'poorest people' shouldn't HAVE guns! Nobody should have guns, except the police. And rich, politically connected people, of course.....

To wit: The late Carl Rowan, who, being a terminally progressive D.C. pundit, HATED guns. 
For you. But he shot a trespasser in his pool with an 'illegal' gun, illegal because in D.C. handguns were prohibited. His excuse? "Well, my son's an FBI agent, and HE gave it to me, so me having it was alright."

See? SEE? See the difference?

In 1930s Alabama had he done that, they'd'a strung him up from a TREE. The only difference is in who has political power. 

To the Democrats, the 'elite' can do stuff that the 'poorest people' shouldn't be allowed to, until and unless they become the 'elite' (which the Democrats will ensure they don't).

And they don't GAF about color, financial status or anything else except ideological purity. You see, SOME rights are ONLY for THEM.

Not for YOU.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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