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TEE, I just heard about this bill. Just a minute ago, I saw this on Facebook....
Re: It's a disaster. Hopefully there are enough sane people in AZ that scream loud enough to kill it. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dee W.

02/10/2020, 09:50:30

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I am getting a lot of questions about a massive gun control bill in the Senate. It is unlikely to even get a hearing, but if it does we will definitely expose what the democrats are thinking. There is no way that this bill will make it to the the House of Representatives, let alone the Governor.

However, if we lose our majority in the legislature (which we could by losing just one seat in the house and 2 in the senate) you will see bills like this and many more coming through. This will largely effect education law, too.

If you are not working for your Legislative candidates to get them elected next year, you have no excuse to complain when bills like this become law.

Become a Precinct Committeemen and get out and knock doors so that we can get people to the polling locations. It is most important in Legislative districts 28, 18, 20, 17, and 8. If you sign up as a precinct committeeman they will tell you where those are.

Go online and sign your candidates petitions and then get plugged in and get to work.

Learn about becoming a precinct committeeman here:

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