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Movie review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/07/2020, 22:29:15

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Terrific film remarkably devoid of political correctness despite the raging ACFs directing, acting and writing the script. Somehow they managed to keep from injecting politics into the damn thing. Imagine that.

DeCaprio is a self-doubting extrovert western actor, Brad Pitt is his good friend/assistant/stunt man. The film goes a little overboard on music (must have been fifty different songs) and is a little over-the-top in portraying the time period (late 60s). But it's just too well done to complain much.

Bruce Dern does a turn as the owner of Spahn Ranch where the Manson Family camped out. His role is a continuation of the unflattering and ugly side of Caucasians (as in Nebraska) which he does too well. That's the only thing about the film that's slightly bigoted- the portrayal of white folks as mostly privileged,uncouth, oblivious, pampered weaklings.

But stick with it to the end and you will be rewarded with a really GREAT finale. Trust me, it's worth it.

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