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Mebbe that so-called "difficulty" with Iowa was a first attempt to use fraud disguised by electronic voting systems to steal the election away from Sanders again.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/06/2020, 11:49:59

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I mean, the 'Crats straight-up f'd Sanders out of the 2016 nomination, paid him off to go away, then Hill-O-Lies came out of her spider-hole to snipe at him over and over again (with the blessings of the DNC, surely).

Anyone who thinks the DNC would not at least TRY to do something like that is, I believe, mistaken. They would. Over and over and over again.

Almost the only thing 'Crats take deadly serious is obtaining and holding onto power. Any candidate who threatens to be uncontrollable (as Sanders has proven he can be) and no bow to the 'Crat Ruling Class consensus, will be made to heel or destroyed.
As bad as the Establishment is on the more-conservative side of the political landscape, it is as bad or WORSE on the left. There really is no extremist faction on the conservative side (conservative by definition means " to conserve that which is worthy of preservation" ie., political eclecticism applied), but the radical revolutionary socialist faction is largely and increasingly dominant over the 'Crat party.

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