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You are both correct not to respond. Hint: No such thing as negative publicity in H-Wood.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/06/2020, 11:21:03

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Those are called "exposure" hits by publicists. Sometimes "actors" are told by the management to go out and do something to get exposure. That latter term refers to " doing literally anything you can short of being arrested for a felony to get you on T.V. news, clicks on websites, hits/likes on socialist media". 

Whoever put that piece up was deliberately doing that Communist whore a has-been a favor. They were "keeping his face /brand out there". For actors, their mug is part of their "brand" and some are even insure their faces for, "cosmetic damage from accidental injury," in case they walk into a glass door, fall down, contract warts, get into a car accident, etc. 

Any time a actor's face appears anywhere in mass media it's considered a win for their publicists and the principle's career. 

The only thing that is intolerable for them is to be ignored.Like two year-olds. Similar to misbehaving street-people (homeless) who are emotionally ill. They will do literally ANYTHING to get attention. 

I think infants also do this with tantrums. Normal people grow out of this proclivity - which says a lot about the general maturity level of the average actor. 

In Carey's case his publicist/manager probably told him to "go out there and do/say anything that comes to mind which will either please or piss-off the most people. We'll get you extra security and you can write it all off as a business expense. Just don't commit any violent felonies in front of cameras, watch which bars you go into and we'll be fine!!'

There are too many examples of this to give even a short list. But a classic recent one was when some idiotic pop-star chick desperate for attention went into a shop, started licking donuts and putting them back on the rack. She was arrested  for a misdemeanor, plead guilty, was given a light sentence and got millions of dollars in free publicity/"street-cred". 

If this can be accomplished, especially with only verbal behavior, the actor may declare "mission accomplished". 

To ignore such attempts both frightens actors and insults them. Ignoring actors is really the best way to get back at them when they misbehave.  

That or REUAGE!!

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