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I'll bet that's a good guess, plus a little personal humor . . .
Re: What she needs is a good, strong, dominant male to make her behave whether she likes it or not. And no, I ain't applying. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

02/05/2020, 15:56:50

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Tee --
I have a son-in-law who precisely fits that description. We were surprised that Daughter2, who is very strong, would find him attractive, but she was coming out of a bad situation and maybe wanted a refuge, so she married him. In a moment of ugly humor, Wife said, "Well, maybe they can share gynecologist appointments."

Anyhow, then he met older daughter, which is like going from JV to varsity, and said to Wife and me, "Wow! You guys sure raised two strong daughters!"
Wife bit her tongue and replied, "And you think that's a coincidence, huh?"

Anyhow, the humor: Wife and I were visiting recently divorced older daughter in another city, and met her best girlfriend. BFF says to us, "Gotta tell you a cute story. 'S' and I were at a cowboy bar, and this guy kept watching her all the time." [Daughter1 is a slender little thing except for the boobs she inherited from her bio-Mom.]

Finally, S goes over to him and said, "You have been watching me all night, but you haven't asked me to dance. Why not?"
Guy says, "Well, you're kinda intimidating."
Daughter patted him on the head and said, "Thank you."
Guy says, "For what?"
Daughter says, "For not wasting my time. My Daddy said I needed to find a strong man to handle me, and, if you're that easily intimidated, you would have been a real waste of time."

Yep, would'a been.


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