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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/04/2020, 12:03:47

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Any privilege granted over time acquires the complexion of an entitlement. That works both in a positive and negative sense.

The enacting of a ban on leaf-blowers in Mexifornia is an example. The law was passed but never enforced. So it lapsed and eventually vanished. The destructive pollution and toll allowing unskilled, bottom-dollar laborers to use leaf-blower has created (for example millions of people who use leaf-blowers will have significant loss-of-hearing when they are older due to damage from excessive decibels destroying their hearing) will impact the state horribly forever.

Leaf-blowers inject millions upon millions of tons of solid particulate matter into the air every year, contributing dramatically to air pollution and diseases. If you drive around anywhere in Mexifornia on an average weekday, you will doubtless see countless workers using leaf-blowers WITHOUT ANY EAR PROTECTION.

Anyone who tries to get such workers to follow the law (by Labor Law, companies which employ workers who use leaf-blowers MUST make them use ear-protection, but it is not enforced) will get nothing but resistance, resentment and militant disobedience for their trouble.

In our culture today, convenience and fun trump all other concerns. Any law which impedes or forbids things which ad d significant convenience and fun to life will be widely ignored, flouted and overturned.

The Age of the Cacogen has arrived.

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