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What happened to Ms. Houston was a tragedy in the most horrible sense. She was a civilized, normal human being surrounded by cacogens who demanded that she become and remain one of them.
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02/04/2020, 11:38:54

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Houston preferred the company and culture of white people, because being both brilliant and sensitive, she gravitated to Classic Culture, not pop-culture. 

For a lot of reasons Caucasian's still represent the primary repository and promulgator of Classic Cultural values (Apollonian, Christian, civilized values) in the USA and the world. Selah. 

Unfortunately for her, the black sub-culture subsumed her and guilted her into accepting lovers, friends, associates and fans who were in a word, unworthy of her. 

She was unable to assert her own individuality enough to simply be and associate with whomever she wanted, without regard for the opinions of others. 

It is clear that her drug abuse was largely driven by torment by so many in pop culture who demanded that she be what THEY thought she should be, instead of what she wanted to be in her heart of hearts. 

Being a highly exceptional, moral person who tried to fit in with people who were unable or unwilling to appreciate and support her in doing and being her true self is likely what ultimately destroyed her. 

What she probably should have done was abandon all of the cacogenic lowlifes (especially the black ones) who glommed on to her and gone her own way (regardless of any concerns about her being accused of "trying to act white"). If she had, she would likely have married either a conservative black man or a similarly sane white man and lived  happily ever after without drug abuse and without worries. 

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