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The American People are smart. They will always remember what they learned from El Rushbo.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/04/2020, 11:19:55

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Rush is like the Beatles. They only came ONCE and then were never duplicated. It is not up to Rush to continue to provide his brilliance for the world forever. It is up to ALL OF US to provide for each other, using his wisdom as a guide.

Eventually children must fend for themselves. Let us all begin that process now. Take what Father Limbaugh has done and unite behind, enlarge, expand on and propagate it.

Above all, he had the strength to hold himself, while those around him crawled. Rush has never sunk below and become a sewer-dweller. He remained (and remains) a decent human being who refuses to be beaten down or seduced into becoming wicked.

He is in so many ways, the enduring legacy of Ronald Reagan, in being a compassionate Father to the nation, not a pandering bum pretending to care. His ability to use restraint in his manner, rhetoric and to be gracious when the fashion of the time is to be coarse, vain and pandering to pop-culture are enduring values we can all take into ourselves and make our own.

He will be with us, always. The question is, can we live and be worthy of him?

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