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Being dull, the 'Crats tried to emulate the SUPERFICIAL aspects of DJT's personality and campaign.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/04/2020, 11:06:47

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The 'Crat take-aways from the victory of DJT in 2016 were all superfluous. The 'Crats looked at how he campaigned and tried to do the same, but that failed because they don't grasp the "zeitgeist" of public exchanges of vituperation. Likewise, the 'Crats saw a billionaire with what they call "brand appeal" win and thought that was a signal that ANY billionaire who had the money to "build a brand and obtain mass exposure" would be equally successful. Wrong again. DJT had a SUCCESSFUL T.V. show for a long, long time. People ENJOYED the show. They were fascinated by and came to understand the way a powerful business person sometimes unleashes on people under their authority. Again, the 'Crats did not comprehend the ENTIRETY of the charisma associated with being a powerful business person.

So the billionaires are all wiping out (Steyer's message is "Let's all save the world together by banning cow farts and great, powerful, fun things like trucks, safe comfortable cars, airplanes") one by one. Bloomberg's horrible personality (or more-precisely his total LACK of any genuine personality) will knock him out of his campaign soon enough.

All of the 'Crat candidates are wiping out trying to "out-Trump, Trump".

For what it's worth, I will now explain to the 'Crats how they can overcome their disadvantage. I shall do this by invoking a Koan (a saying or phrase designed to generate in the recipient a change in consciousness). Here it is:

"I am Slim Shady. I'm the REAL Slim Shady! All those other Slim Shady's is just IMITATIN'!! "

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