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Next to RWR, there have been no major candidates who have better understood the principle that letting idiots believe they are geniuses is always a winner when they are your opponents.
Re: "Trump's greatest asset is his uncanny ability to remain underestimated by the people he just outsmarted." - bobby morris -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

02/04/2020, 10:52:21

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Natural Law applied to politics - "there is nothing a candidate can do to damage their opponents that is worse than what (given enough rope and time) their opponents will inevitably do to damage themselves." Selah.

See, people who live almost entirely in the Real World, learn the above early. Life is long, memory is short. No doubt if God spoke to DJT early in his campaign in 2016, it was no doubt to tell him, "Don, just be yourself and let the 'Crats be themselves. It will all work out. You'll see."

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