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The problem with being a party whose primary , most fanatic constituents are ABNORMAL, is that failure is entirely predictable.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/04/2020, 10:42:56

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In a way, this may turn out (with the coincidental catastrophic collapse of the 'Crats campaign season in Iowa) to be another major boost to the Republicans in November.

People will REMEMBER things like this, (grotesque, horrible, infantile rudeness) for a long, long time. Just about everyone knows and cares about someone who has been diagnosed with a potentially-fatal illness or have been diagnosed themselves.

Such people will not react positively to public demonstrations of psychotic HATE towards those who are thus afflicted by 'Crats. These is NO WAY any positive benefit comes out of the flood of sewage emitted by the vomiting, defecating, spewing 'Crats in this matter. NO WAY.

National elections, especially for POTUS virtually always turn out to be a referendum on which candidate and party the voters HATE MORE, not like more. Voters (for whatever reasons) seem to vote AGAINST candidates/parties more than FOR them. IOW, those who offend, insult, disappoint, scare, infuriate, horrify voters MORE than then their opponents are the ones who lose.

On election day, the People don't generally take stock of GOOD things about candidates to make them vote FOR them, they take stock of the BAD things that make them vote AGAINST the ones who they believe are the WORST!!

So far the last two days have given the GOP two HUGE gifts, not the least of which is ANOTHER public demonstration in the most poignant way imaginable, that 'Crats are immature, bungling, feckless, stupid, cruel, anti-social and sadistic.

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