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"At least four precincts had to resolve ties in their vote results by flipping a coin during the evening,"
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/04/2020, 10:26:50

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"There is nothing that any political party can do to damage their opponents worse than what their opponents will inevitably do to damage themselves." - Natural Law (applied to politics). 

There is some poetic justice in this entire botched election. Regardless of what comes after, what people will remember about this is how the first (and arguably most-important election of the entire 'Crat campaign) was BOTCHED by them in the most spectacular, public, self-humiliating manner possible. 

This despite the fact that the 'Crats entire strategery with the PERsecution of DJT under guise of PROsecution, was to gain  some sort of major political victory over their adversaries by stultifying them in the eyes of the electorate. 

The very term "epic fail" now has a new poster-child. Bravo, 'Crats!! BRAVO!! 

Regardless of who wins now, there will FOREVER be a horrible, putrid stain upon the 'Crats which arguably surpasses any political soiling they sought to deliver on the head of DJT and the Republican party. Selah! 

God, it seems, does not much LIKE the 'Crats. If he gives them a beatdown like this with such resounding ATORITY!!

This is almost BIBLICAL. Like some sort of consolation prize to the nation and to conservatives reeling the day after we have learned of the grave illness of El Supremo, Rush Limbaugh. Speaking of which, if there was anything in the universe that could have happened in order to get a smile and a belly laugh out of El Rushbo under such circumstances, this is likely it. Especially after Mr. Limbaugh mentioned how he had spent a lot of time just 'focusing on my relationship with God in the last couple of days". 

'Looks like God wanted to return the favor. Biblical is the only word that really suffices. 

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