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This is similar to the case that a law which is not enforced may not be enforced...
Re: While I understand and perhaps even concede the argument, given the left's propensity to "yes, but" the 2A, I believe in this 1A case the SCOTUS should shove a "yes, but" right up their a$$es. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Bartb

02/03/2020, 01:06:30

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In both (all) cases, encouraging people to break a law is not always being enforced.
MLK did tell people to ignore certain laws, and was only punished in some cases. (The fact that most such laws were eventually outlawed themselves, proper procedure requires that the laws be obeyed until they are repealed.)
OTOH, enforcing procedure in the face of obvious error is a tricky situation. The trick is to persuade a judge to suspend a law.

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