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Echoes of Sodom: "When the pro-abortion movement takes off its mask, you can clearly see how psychotic, bloodthirsty, and cartoonishly evil it is."
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

02/02/2020, 17:49:06

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To those slimeball women who celebrate their abortions - WND

Patrice Lewis
6-8 minutes

In 2015, I wrote a column about a woman who bragged about her gender-selective abortion. "It was a blog post so revolting, it sent reverberations across the ocean and shocked even ardent leftists," my column began. "It was so brazenly horrifying, some called it a hoax. Internet traffic was so high, it caused the website to crash for a day or so. It seems a feminist going by the name 'Lana' wrote about aborting her baby at five months for no other reason than he was a boy. Her logic? 'I couldn't bring another monster into the world. We already have enough enemies as it is.'"

Just five years ago when I wrote this, women who openly rejoiced in their abortions were considered radical. But today's progressives have lurched toward the fanatical left and stripped away any semblance of moderation. As a result, we're seeing a huge surge of abortion extremism. Rather than "safe, legal and rare," abortion has become common, in-your-face and celebrated.

"Even in our era of politics without precedent, few things are as inexplicable as the Democratic Party's decision to take increasingly extreme positions on abortion while so much of the country moves in a different direction," writes columnist Laura Hollis.

The website "Shout Your Abortion" is just that – a place women can gather to gleefully brag about the dismembering of their unborn sons and daughters in the name of empowerment. "Abortion is normal," the website proclaims. "Our stories are ours to tell. This is not a debate." The website offers such products as blasphemous "prayer" candles stating "Thank God for Abortion Providers" ("Let your light shine") as well as T-shirts, ribbons and buttons proudly stating: "Everyone knows I had an abortion," "Abortion: Not Just for the Ladies," "Abortion is Normal" and "I Love People Who've Had Abortions."

Additional news headlines over the last few months confirm the rampant leftist sickness:

TRENDING: Whistleblowers now under fire, claims Pentagon inspector general

The unifying theme among these headlines is how wonderful it is when children (born and unborn) are killed. It's love! It's a blessing! Yay for feminism!

More recently, a tweet was sent out by a woman on her way for a "double fetus purge" of her unborn twins. This person referred to her babies as "dribbling horror goblins" and was thrilled at the thought of killing them. "The rant was initially posted shortly after New Year's Day," noted FaithWire, "but only recently gained viral traction when pro-life audiences began getting exposed to the stunning level of visceral hatred displayed towards an innocent, unborn baby." The tweet was so heinous even abortion supporters were appalled.

The increased radicalization of the abortion debate appears to distinguish two different types of feminists.

On one side is the group that wants to keep abortion "safe, legal and rare" out of (presumably) a genuine concern for women who might find themselves in dire circumstances through an unplanned pregnancy. For these women, abortion is a necessary evil.

On the other side are the sick abortion lovers, those who relish the thought of killing their unborn children and who practically dance on their way to the abattoir. "I am on my way to Planned Parenthood to purge the two parasites that somehow implanted into my uterus despite me being on the pill," writes the sicko mentioned above. "I can't (expletive) wait to be done with the anxiety of knowing these things are in my uterus and knowing that I will not have to birth dribbling horror goblins. I will not have post-partum depression or be left disfigured with stretch-marks. My relationship with my [significant other] will not be ruined."

Columnist Matt Walsh tweeted, "My God. Read this. When the pro-abortion movement takes off its mask, you can clearly see how psychotic, bloodthirsty, and cartoonishly evil it is."

Feminists like to claim abortion is a natural legacy of the women's movement, but nothing could be further from the truth. The early suffragists – women who battled for genuine civic freedom – thought abortion was a heinous act. "The first feminists felt keenly that abortion was not an act of liberation, but of coercion – not a triumph, but a tragic defeat," writes Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie. "Abortion did not empower women, but degraded them, treating their fertility as a defect and their sons and daughters as disposable. … They also understood that abortion empowered unscrupulous men by absolving them from all responsibility in the sexual act."

Along these lines, progressives are briskly denying the notion of abortion regret. They see no link whatever between abortions and psychological consequences such as failed relationships, alcohol or drug abuse, or thoughts of suicide, not to mention physical ramifications such as breast cancer or even the inability to conceive future children due to botched procedures.

Ironically – and happily – as extremists flaunt abortion more and more, they're turning off the very people they hope to conscript: young women. The next generation is being strongly influenced by the abortion extremists, who are unwittingly sending people – especially young women – right into the arms of the pro-life movement. These young people realize enough is enough.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I will never condemn a woman who's had an abortion. I'm not privy to the complex soul-searching that went into a decision like that. She will learn abortion is not an act of power, but of despair. The abortion will be on her soul forever, and it's between her and God to resolve the issue.

But for women who celebrate their abortions – well, that's another story. To these slimeballs, I offer nothing but my deepest contempt. My prayer is they'll see the error of their ways. Otherwise they'll have a lot of "splainin" to do at the Pearly Gates.

And that, too, is between them and God.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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