DJT (read, America) just keeps on winning as the seditious Dhimicrats just keep on frothing!
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02/02/2020, 14:31:34

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We're in the post-caravan era - thank you, Mr. President - WND

Brent Smith
4-5 minutes

The hits just keep on coming!

Donald Trump got elected president due in large part to his tough stance on illegal immigration. And thus far he has not disappointed.

Just this past Tuesday I reported that the Supreme Court reversed a lower court ruling, thus allowing the Trump administration's "public charge" rule to take effect.

For those unfamiliar, or who didn't read my article (shame on you), the public charge rule allows the feds to deny immigrants permanent residency, or green cards, if they have used or are likely to use public benefits like food stamps and Medicaid.

Well hooray for that! But he wasn't done.

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President Trump took a break from simultaneously colluding with Russia and Ukraine just long enough to prompt another major victory on the illegal-immigration southern front.

Thanks to his get-tough-with-our-neighbors policies, Mexico has decided, for the first time, to acquiesce to the Trump doctrine and deport the latest 2,000-person Central American caravan.

Yep, the Mexican government never let the "migrants" get beyond their southern border. Imagine that!

These poor souls, all 2,303 of them, whose only crime is trying to get to America to collect free stuff, have all been sent back to their home country.

The left will undoubtedly claim racism – not by the Mexican government, but again, by Trump and Trump alone. Of course, it's hard to charge the Mexican authorities with racism, since they are effectively the same race as the migrants – so it must be Trump's fault.

Yeah – that's it! Trump's jingoistic, white nationalist policies forced Mexico to comply.

And in this case, I agree. Not with the whole jingoistic, white nationalist nonsense. But it is Trump's doing, and thank heavens for it.

This is a huge win! Don't let anyone say otherwise. And a win that would and could never happen without the tireless work of the president.

A lesser "public servant" would not have had the courage to stick it out and weather the push-back storm, much less fight back and continue winning.

It should be a lesson to all Republicans. It likely won't be, but it should. You're going to be attacked by the left no matter what you do – so you may as well do the right thing.

If you were a betting man (or woman), there's no way you would have taken the bet that Trump could ever win any of these "immigration battles."

But he is. The wall/fence is continuing to be built with little fanfare; he is winning in court; and the number of illegal border crossings continues to plummet.

For decades, illegals have been repeatedly told that all you have to do is make it to America and you've effectively hit the jackpot. Talk about reversing an incentive. Thanks to our neighbor Mexico, who has finally started to act neighborly, the tide may just be turning.

With Mexico deciding to deport the entire caravan back to whence they came, it is now less likely that another caravan will be ramping up to march north.

Now that these nefarious caravan organizers see what is in store for the "marchers" should they try, these activists may pare down the attempts. I don't think they'll end entirely, but they may try a lot less often.

Dealing with these leftist organizers and activists is like dealing with children. Lay down the law and be consistent. And don't for a second believe that these "marches" happen extemporaneously. They are planned and fully financed by leftist radicals like George Soros surrogates.

We finally have a chief executive who is willing to do it, whatever the perceived cost.

And in this case, the "cost" Trump will pay is to win reelection.

As the scourge of illegal immigration has been one of my major "hot button" issues, I'd like to say thank you, Mr. President, for staying tough and keeping your promise to stem the tidal wave of border crossings.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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