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Wadda DIR-dee RAH'thn STING-king BAYASTAHD. The Super Bowl is a sacred relic of The American Way. To use it as a platform to fire arrows into the very heart of American liberty is villainous.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

01/31/2020, 16:55:03

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Bloomberg Super Bowl Ad Aims at Gun Control, Not Trump

By Sandy Fitzgerald    |
2-3 minutes

Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg's $10 million Super Bowl ad focuses on gun control reform, a topic he has been fighting for over several years and does not mention President Donald Trump. 

The ad was shown on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Thursday, and features a Texas woman, Calandrian Simpson Kemp, talking about how her son, George H. Kemp Jr., had started playing football at age 4. 

The spot shows pictures of the young man through his life playing football, including pictures of him as a baby holding football gear. However, Kemp says, her son was killed on a Friday morning in September 2013. 

"I know Mike is not afraid of the gun lobby," she says. "They're scared of him, and they should be. Mike's fighting for every child, because you have a right to live. No one has a right to take your hopes and dreams."

Senior Bloomberg aide Howard Wolfson told The Washington Post that gun control reform is one of the main reasons the former New York mayor decided to run for president. 

Most of the spots Bloomberg has been running since announcing his candidacy on Nov. 24 have been attack ads against Trump, but Wolfson said the campaign chose the gun ads because Super Bowl ads don't usually focus on politics and because it wanted to focus on Bloomberg's record on gun control. 

In addition to the Super Bowl ad, the Bloomberg campaign has filmed videos spotlighting people from 12 states who lost loved ones to gun violence. The campaign will post the videos on its website Friday. 

Kemp told The Post she was stunned to learn she'd be in Bloomberg's Super Bowl ad. She said she joined Moms Demand Action in 2014 and met him through that group. 

She initially supported former Rep. Beto O'Rourke because of his gun control plans but flipped to Bloomberg after O'Rourke left the race. 

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