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Russ - Continuity trivia from JS #5
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Posted by: TEEBONE

01/31/2020, 11:10:12

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Remember when he, "Suit" and Rose were at the range, after he'd been shot? He was shooting weak-hand to improve those skills since he'd been shot in the right arm. "Suit" noted that the 1911 was right-hand and asked him why he didn't install an ambidextrous safety. He said they were prone to breakage and had "too much torque." Fair enough.

Later, at home while preparing for bed, he put the .45 in the nightstand drawer and pulled out a pearl-handled S&W Chief's Special, apparently so it would be quicker into action given the safety handicap.

But... he hadn't trained weak-hand with that gun.


I thought that was interesting.



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