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01/11/2020, 12:29:06

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Latest federal 'omnibus' – worse than sausage-making - WND

Brent Smith
4-5 minutes

Many Americans have been complaining that due to the impeachment nonsense and such, nothing is getting done in Washington … on behalf of the American people.

I disagree. Any time our "lawmakers" aren't meeting to write bills and pass laws, they're not fleecing us … any further.

Unfortunately, just prior to Christmas break, they all got together in a whirlwind session to do just that.

Just prior to D.C.'s holiday respite, our bureaucrats and elected officials went from zero to 100 miles per hour in no time flat.

Within a matter of days, Congress passed and the president signed two monstrosities – the 2020 omnibus spending bill and the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

These two behemoths combined to produce almost 6,000 pages of God knows what.

And that, as Joe Biden says, is Not Hyperbole! Most assuredly, God is the only one who knows what's in these two grotesque leviathans, because you can bet your last dollar that not a soul on Capitol Hill or the White House read them all.

And how could they? The $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill was released to the House on the Monday prior to their holiday break and was voted on the following day. Lawmakers had less than 24 hours to review and then vote on a package of more than 2,300 pages.

But hey – I guess "reading the bill" is overrated.

After signing the last one, Trump said he would never again sign a single giant omnibus bill. So Congress just basically cut it up, into "minibus" bills – so technically, he kept his word and instead signed two spending bills, which together equaled one giant omnibus bill. Terrific.

But you'll be happy to know that on our behalf, Congress has granted the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health $25 million to research gun violence. So that's a win – right?

It also gave federal agencies an additional $49 billion of extra cash to play with. Another win. Funny how the feds can never seem to do with less, or even the same.

It wasn't all bad – just most of it. Trump received another $1.4 billion for border wall funding, same as last year, and a few more Obamacare provisions were repealed.

As stated, in the eleventh hour, they also passed, and Trump signed, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Again, they had no time to review it, but hey – it was only 1,000-plus pages longer than the omnibus bill of 2,313 pages. The NDAA tipped the scales at 3,488 pages – possibly the largest piece of legislation ever crafted.

Getting tired of winning yet?

For a change, our military personnel did OK, receiving a pay raise, medical and survivor benefits, and Guard and Reserve benefits.

But, as it always is with these behemoth bills, there's a lot more bad hidden away, spending that has not been debated nor even read prior to passage.

Here are just a couple gems.

It authorizes billions to continue to prop up quasi-governments in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. "Page 1,069 of the conference report categorically authorizes the DOD to 'provide support for the stabilization activities of other Federal agencies … in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia.' Nobody ever questioned what it is we are accomplishing in any of these countries," writes Daniel Horowitz in Conservative Review.

That never seems to be important. Just throw money at it – our money.

"… page 1,087 of the bill authorizes the DOD to reimburse these governments for 'logistical and military support provided by that nation to or in connection with United States military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria.'"

It's always nice to pay for the privilege of defending another country. How dumb are we?

And the NDAA is vague at best as to who we are even defending over there, as it authorizes $4.5 billion for the Afghan government (whoever they are currently) and another close to $900 million to the Iraqi government (again, whoever they are).

And this is just the tip of a 3,488-page iceberg. Most of which we will never hear of.

Now just imagine how much better and safer our own country would be if we spent just a fraction of what we waste oversees on real homeland security. Imagine indeed.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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