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Anti-conservatism is largely a one-note symphony.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/08/2020, 12:24:35

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For dull-witted people, anything that is the opposite of what they perceive as "bad" (i.e., conservatism) is ergo, good. Therefore, since leftists and other anti-conservative fanatics identify capitalism as "bad" they automatically assume that what they perceive to be the opposite of capitalism (socialism) is therefore "good".

The lack of sophistication in the general population (especially with leftists) is perilous. Making grotesque assumptions concerning important matters, such as the best economic system for the world, is horribly, lethally dangerous.

I'm willing to bet that if there is an advanced extraterrestrial civilization out there which has overcome their worst challenges in regard to culture, they will have accomplished it by a "zero tolerance for cacogens in leadership" policy.

Imagine the horror of all of the ACFs if upon contacting a "superior" alien culture, when asked how they got through their tumultuous age, the Prosperity Paradox, the Leadership Paradox, the cacogen crisis in general respond, "REUAGE!!"

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