The single greatest force in the world is Inertia.
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01/08/2020, 11:29:09

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Anything which has existed for a long duration tends to continue to exist.

Bucky Fuller understood this very well. Fundamental change does not happen in human affairs without convulsions.

The only reason people change their behavior is either because they want to or they must. Neither condition exists in regard to any long-standing condition of economics, politics or anything else.

No amount of rational information or other force can supplant Inertia. Tradition is another example. Despite the evidence that slavery was unwieldy and bad for society and Humanity, it endured as an institution for tens of thousands of years.

Torturing animals was not outlawed in civilized countries until the early 20th century.

The human mind is subject to plethora distractions and perceptual flaws most of which are caused by emotions and unconscuious or semi-conscious inclinations of which the principle is either totally oblivious or only slightly conscious.

That's why GI Gurdjieff lamented that Humanity itself was made up largely of beings more-like sleep-walkers than conscious entities and that this condition by definition was virtually incurable because those most afflicted by it are the least likely to be aware of it.

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