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Nick Covington wins $250 million defamation suit against CNN - other suits vs NBC/Washington Post moving forward.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/08/2020, 10:08:54

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It's not justice of course - that would include seppuku for Jeff Zucker.

If I were WaPo's Bezos or Comcast CEO I'd be more than a little concerned, since the capitulation of CNN suggests that their own organizations will have to either settle or allow ALL of the details of their infamy come to light in the public arena and still lose.

CNN likely settled to avoid full exposure of just how mendacious they were. 

As I recall the list of those now suing various leftist so-called "news" outlets is growing every day. General Flynn is putting one to together, Devin Nunes and Carter Page. 

Can they buy insurance for that? if so, I'd guess their rates are all going to go up A LOT!! heh  

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