"Half of Democrats now say that government should be 'primarily responsible' for the overall economy."
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01/07/2020, 12:16:34

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Watch Venezuela's dramatic 'democratic socialist' collapse - WND

WND Staff
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Animated chart shows impact of once-rich nation's sharp left turn

WND Staff By WND Staff
Published January 6, 2020 at 8:22pm

An animated chart by economist Mark Perry illustrates the dramatic decline in Venezuela's once oil-rich economy under the "democratic socialist" revolution initiated by the late Hugo Chavez and continued under his right-hand man, Nicholas Maduro.

Perry points out in a blog post highlighted by Issues & Insights that Venezuela consistently ranked in the top tier among Latin American countries in the 1980s and was No. 4 when Chavez took office in 1999.

It rose to No. 2 during Chavez's early years.

But it's now at the very bottom. At $2,548, Venezuela’s per-capital GDP is about a third of South America's average of $7,866.

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Perry, on his Carpe Diem blog, wrote that the "initial, temporary success of democratic socialism in Venezuela that was predictably followed by the precipitous economic decline illustrated in the visualization above provides a cautionary tale for those today in America who are attracted to the socialism being repackaged as 'democratic socialism' and peddled by Bernie Sanders and AOC."

Issues & Insights pointed to a recent Gallup poll finding 70% of Democrats say socialism is "a good thing."

That's up from 57% a year ago, which was the first time more than half of Democrats embraced socialism.

Half of Democrats now say that government should be "primarily responsible" for the overall economy, according to Gallup.

Seventy percent say it should be primarily responsible for health care. Nearly two–thirds want higher education to be primarily the responsibility of the government.

And most favor nationalizing the health insurance industry, which would effectively nationalize health care itself.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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