While Gov Hogan of MD is no Trump fan, this bit is not his fault.
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01/06/2020, 22:43:29

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He has actually be siding with Trump on a lot of issues, but still trying to distance himself from him.
However, the state legislature stripped many of his powers from his with veto proof majorities.
The last governor controlled what lawsuits the state would or would not file/join against the Federal government. When Hogan was elected for his first term, they took that power away.

Numerous other powers have also been stripped from the governor. Hogan may not like Trump, but he has not been helping the enemy. He mostly just refuses to talk about Trump. He does not disparage him, although all understand his various non-answers. 

He also, despite the Never Trumpers requests, refused to campaign against Trump or put out a primary opposition to him.

Hogan ain't perfect but he is worlds better than the democrat governors we normally have.

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