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01/04/2020, 19:15:27

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Kindhearted officer pays for groceries for couple caught shoplifting with kids in tow - WND

Amanda Thomason, The Western Journal
3-4 minutes

When times get tough, it can be hard to know where to turn. If you're out of cash, regardless of whether it's through misjudgment or no fault of your own, there are still basics that you have to come up with.

When you have kids, those needs become even more pressing. They don't understand society's rules or why there's no money left to buy food: They just know they're hungry.

When a cop in Fort Smith, Arkansas, saw a young couple with two young children being detained for shoplifting, he had to find out more.

It was actually another cop who was off-duty and shopping with his wife who saw what Field Training Officer Kenneth Martin did in November, and his account was posted on Facebook by Fort Smith City Director Neal Martin.

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"On 11/30/19, I was off duty and walking into the Wal-Mart at 2425 Zero St," the unnamed officer wrote. "As I entered the building, I noticed loss prevention had just stopped two adults who also had two young children with them."

"I stood by for a few minutes and then observed FTO Martin and his trainee walk in. I proceeded into the business with my wife."

The off-duty cop's wife expressed her sadness over the situation -- especially since kids were involved -- and wanted her husband to look into the matter more to see if they'd been caught stealing something for their children.

"I texted Mr. XXXXX (name withheld) to see if the two were arrested and what they had. He replied the male was and the female was allowed to leave because of the young children. He also informed me that FTO Martin had taken the stolen goods to customer service and paid for the items, then returned and gave it to the young woman and her kids."

"He later sent me pictures of the receipt and of FTO Martin paying for the items and giving to the woman. FTO Martin's act of kindness is a true example of what humanity is all about."

"He did this out of compassion for the kids, with no intention of being recognized for his actions ... His actions were a representation of what we should all strive for."

As a result, FTO Martin was named the Fort Smith Police Department Employee of the Month for January. Since then, body cam footage of the interaction has been circulating.

"They're stealing food and they've got kids," Martin said to Walmart cashiers in a video shared by KFSM-TV. "I have to take him to jail, but I don't have to make the kids think I'm an ******."

After purchasing the items, he walked to the front of the store where the four were waiting. He handed the items over, placing them in the cart, and implored the woman not to repeat their actions.

"I took care of these for you, OK?" he said. "I understand it's food and things like that that you need, but ask for some help. Don’t do this with these babies, OK?"

If Martin's fellow officer hadn't seen the interaction, his actions might never have been noticed -- which is fine, and reassuring, because it gives us hope that these acts of kindness are more common than we might think -- but it's also good to recognize kindness and heartening to see it in action.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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