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"The Religious Bigotry of NeverTrumpers" -- AlphaNews
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Posted by: Russ Walden ®

01/04/2020, 09:55:14

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The Religious Bigotry of NeverTrumpers

Another excellent article from AlphaNews.

"Evangelicals do not have to explain why they support for Donald Trump. They are not required to answer to people who hold them in contempt."

"Now, if that level of contempt had been directed at any other religious group, the attackers would have been called out—and rightly so—as bigots. Had editors and journalists openly mocked a core belief of, say, Judaism, on national television and questioned the faith of Jews over their support for a particular politician, outrage would follow. Ditto for Muslims. Calls for tolerance and understanding and respect for diversity would ensue. Apologies would be demanded; mea culpas would be offered by the offenders.

But, of course, the targets here are evangelicals, the church-going, Jesus-fearing rubes of the South despised by the ruling class. Any sort of condemnation not only is tolerated, it is encouraged. And no where is that criticism more rampant than among the NeverTrump Right."

Yup.  It be so.


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