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01/04/2020, 07:36:15

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A huge rioting mob made up of what were later identified as Shiite militia members (the senior Iranian QUDS forces general and a well-known terrorsymp cleric previously a guest of the Eightball Obama at the White House, were spotted in the crowd) surrounded the U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

The mob damaged/burned some abandoned facilities on the periphery of the compound, but were held off from the central areas by a combination of Iraqi security forces and U.S. Marines.

The terrorists did not attempt to mount an all-out major assault with rifles/heavy weapons like they did in Benghazi - , they just vandalized/torched some offices, vehicles etc.

This went on for a couple of days, without any helicopter evacuations of staff. The U.S. staff et al, were fairly safe inside the compound.

DJT IMMEDIATELY sent in more combat-ready Marines (about 50) to assist (no doubt they would have had close-air support ready to bring the thunder if things got REALLY ugly).

Oddly enough none of the mob had the stomach to tangle with Leathernecks in helicopters, tanks or other wielding M60s/420s.

Fast-forward to yesterday - a Reaper drone carrying 120 MM rockets loaded with high explosive/fragmentation ordnance destroyed a vehicle leaving the Baghdad airport. Inside the vehicle was Iranian General Soleimani, supreme commander of the elite QUDS forces of Iran. This vermin was responsible for bringing in IEDs from Iran in the Iraqi Wars which killed hundreds of U.S. soldiers /contractors and thousands of civilians.

Also in the same vehicle was the leader of the Iranian-backed Shiite militias which fought in Iraq against U.S. and Iraqi government forces for years before finally being defeated in the Surge of 2007.

Both terrorists were literally blown apart. A hand with a ring on it known to belong to the General was found intact and used for positive I.D.

The Iranian government was apparently taken by surprise by this event and only offered words in response so far.

This is seen as a shot across the bow of terrorists and their supporters in the Iranian region. DJT immediately sent two thousand more combat-ready Marines into Iraq no doubt to protect air-bases about to run sorties or recon of sites to strike in Iraq and (of course) inside Iran.

Iran has been severely hurt by economic sanctions from the West (DJT) and now the muzz get to decide if they really want to poke the bear again and risk having their oil refineries destroyed the way Irianian-backed terrorists destroyed the Saudi refineries.

There is already a lot of discontent with things inside Iran - more economic hardship caused by entering into a sustained military conflict with the US/Allies might just push some of the military to question the wisdom of current leadership.

There's a new sheriff in town. And he's nobody's sweetheart.

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