Questions on the embassy attack
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Posted by: robertb

01/04/2020, 04:49:22

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I was out of the country on vacation the past week. Internet/wi-fi was bad so did not make the effort to follow the news. I was on vacation after all.

Now, after the fact, I am trying to get a clear picture on what happened and when.

Can any of you link me to a clear, concise and truthful article on what really did happen and when? All I have so far is it appears our embassy in Iraq was attacked by pro-Iran people and we quickly killed a bunch to stop it, one of whom was an Iranian general.

All I see are claims it is the start of WW3, war with Iran, and imminent terror attacks.

WTF actually happened? Did Trump over react, or simply protected our people and that is all? Are we deploying thousands of new troops for an invasion of Iran?

I suspect I have answers on some of that but the news is so messed up it is tough to get a clear picture.

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