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Something said by president Trump once again proven true.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/01/2020, 02:42:10

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HE was talking about relaxing onerous regulations in order to bring real positive change in business/prosperity and quality of life.

He mentioned how federal water regulations made it necessary for people to flush their toilets "ten or fifteen times". Then I had a plumber clear a clogged sewer line explain that the low-flow devices mandated by the Feds caused "debris" to back up instead of self-flushing.

An effluent engineer reported that reduced water in sewage had caused a minor crisis in the system, requiring more and more caustic agents to manage the effluent.

He recommended flushing the toilet more than once each time you use it to flush the lines better and prevent having to clear them with snakes.

So if you live in a home with three others, in 24 hours the toilet gets flushed at least twice for each, so your household is flushing yeah, TEN OR FIFTEEN TIMES A DAY.

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