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Largely agree, but there is a reductionist argument that is more simple.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/31/2019, 18:35:32

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Most committed anti-conservative fanatics I have met or known,were also fairly unhealthy psychologically. Some seem to suffer from dementia, others simply have overly-inflated egos kept afloat by infatuation / obsession with their own Shadows.*

CG Jung defined the Shadow as the foundation upon which consciousness is built. A sort of negative image of the mind which contains all of the impulses we repress consciously because they conflict with civilization.

Normal people are content to repress Shadow impulses (including the ones of wanton violence) but others who are obsessed with the occult (that which is hidden/concealed) and darkness in general are enamored of the Shadow.

Such people feel strongly tempted to do and say things that most normal people consider deviate.

I personally look at homosexuality as I do say, drug abuse,alcoholism or strange fetishes. I have no problem with people choosing to do such things but resent the idea that they would try to unify into a movement seeking to convince people that they are "perfectly normal" or worse, get government to punish anyone who disagrees.

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