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Buttcrack is a complete ignoramus - as are most ACFs - even the homos.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/31/2019, 18:18:49

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The depths of his ignorance are manifold. For instance, anyone with even a brief afternoon of study of the most basic history texts would know that the Constitutional Convention had a terrible time getting the delegates to agree to permitting slavery to remain legal. 

The compromise was a sunset clause giving slave states only fifty years to utilize slavery after which time they would be obliged to end it as an institution permanently. 

It was both a moral issue and an economic issue. Abolitionists were a very vocal, committed faction. Hell, more than a few people picked up a gun in order to among other things, permanently end slavery. 

So Buttcrack's dislike for the USA is clearly coming from some unconscious need to believe that his fellow Americans (the Founders) were evil men. Maybe because they didn't much care for open, in-your-face faggotry. 

It's very fashionable and trendy for rich, powerful leftist homosexuals to denigrate anyone who has ever expressed being anything less than in love with the idea that  homosexuality is perfectly normal.

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