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"There's nothing wrong with owning a gun just because you like it." -- Yup, it be so, and I might "need" one of those.
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Posted by: Russ Walden

12/31/2019, 14:50:02

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Tee --
As noted in the article, the relative cost of ammo is a big factor. I own a couple of .22LR revolvers and two rifles, but do not have a .22 auto. What I also have is several bricks of .22LR ammo. There is some serendipity there, somewhere.

Just for fun, one of my revolvers is an 8-shot. My daughter has it. Her carry gun is a .380 Auto, but the .22 is a much cheaper practice gun.

I may have to go to the toy store on Friday. :-)

Happy New Year,


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