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It was the sort of thing H-Wood writes into movies routinely.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/31/2019, 06:58:47

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The scene usually in super-slow motion, rotating close-up of  armed, raging madman, unleashing death in the direction of one...then another innocent person. Pull back to reveal hero standing alone far away fixed stare, unobserved by the murderer. 

(Still SSM); hero brings weapon to bear, sights target - zoom to line-of-sight perspective; head of far-away target coming into alignment with weapon aimed by hero. ECU (extreme close-up ) hero, calm (ECU) hero's finger pulls trigger of gun - CGI (computer graphics interface) image of rotating bullet travelling down barrel, exits muzzle followed by explosion of powder / flame, bullet propelling forward...(full speed) shows bullet impacting skull of murderer, jerk of head back with impact - ensuing gore ejecta. Murderer collapses over with thud. 

Chaos swiftly becomes quiet weeping of women and stunned silence of cowering, fleeing people, all eyes turning to look at the hero. (MCU - medium close-up) He drops his gun-arm calmly to his side, walks over to murderer's inert body to make sure he is dead - kicks gun away from obviously dead murderer. (ECU) Hero's face - serious, confident. CUT 

End of scene. 

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