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"(I)s it just going to keep progressing...?"
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/31/2019, 05:51:22

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Yes. Yes, it is. See movie,The Thing(1997). Some things are not inclined to stop themselves - like collapsing buildings, fatal diseases, or necrotic decomposition.
What the 'Crats have built is a machine which achieves power like a robot, then proceeds to destroy everything. The DNC is a chaos-generation engine.
'Crats never seek to govern, only to preside over decline and thereby enrich themselves.
In their feckless "administration" (PTUI!), the 'Crats are identical to a dog that chases a car relentlessly for miles, then once it has caught it, sits there and continues to bark at it.

For the GOP, trying to govern with 'Crats is like trying to play chess with a pigeon. All that happens is the pigeon knocks over all of the pieces then struts around like it won anyway.

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