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Thank goodness they're still pushing this idiotic nonsense.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

12/31/2019, 05:07:26

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I can't help thinking that ever time some undecided voter sees articles like this, a large percentage say to themselves, "Well, Trump has a big mouth, but that's better than being BATSHIT INSANE!!" 

Interesting coincidence that every facet of the 'Crat platform just happens to agree 100% with radical revolutionary Marxist-socialist dicta. Ya' gotta' LOVE those coincidences. heh 

Not one-in-ten-thousand supporters of AGW have the slightest, most elementary grasp of the scientific issues involved. And of the ones who do, most of THOSE know (or suspect) that it's all BS but they continue to claim to believe it because they feel it SHOULD be true.  

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