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Psychiatry is increasingly becoming dominated by Satanic forces.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/30/2019, 20:03:11

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The move away from viewing behavior as "normal" or "abnormal" but to couch all appraisals in analysis that is so vague it has no meaning in the real world is part of what's going on.

The infestation of psychology in general by people who are themselves emotionally unstable, disturbed, sadistic, vicious, wicked and maliciously egocentric has become one of the enduring tragedies of the age.

One of the favored fictions of the ACFs especially the anti-theists, is that in the absence of moral doctrine, one will develop morality "naturally". What happens to people who are not raised with strong moral values is that they gradually but inevitably sink down into chaos and Satanism.

One cannot be both for morality and opposed to it, any more than one can be both a Satanist and a Christian.

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