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Posted by: Russ Walden ®

12/11/2019, 14:34:38

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There is a feature on Marketwatch called Moneyist.  Occasionally they put a link on the front page to an item in the feature.  This is one such.

When I read the question which was the link, it grievously annoyed me.  Some would even say "pissed me off."

I discovered through 23andMe that my daughter is not mine — can I claim back child support from the biological father?

The reply from the Moneyist is absolutely great!

I especially liked this excerpt:
"Is a DNA test the only measure in life that determines whether someone
is your child or not? Legally, perhaps. But what about emotionally,
spiritually or morally? I recently watched a story on “The Dodo”
Facebook page: A stray dog was found cuddling up to two abandoned kittens to keep them warm.
It was moving and beautiful. I saw another video where a dog rocked a
baby’s crib and licked the baby’s hand until he/she stopped crying. The
instinct for one living creature to care for another runs in our DNA
too. 23andMe and Ancestry.com can’t measure that."

You already know my feelings on that subject.

Take care,

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