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Nope. Scary thought, huh? . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

12/02/2019, 23:33:05

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. . . some strange olde dude back there in the woods and doesn't even have TV. Ought'a be a Red Flag law for guys like that.

Tee --
I have TV sets -- several, in fact -- what I don't have is TV service. I used to have DirecTV, but I cancelled it when I realized that all I ever watched was football, and that was way too much to spend for those few months.

The TV sets are for watching movies from DVD or computer, plus, I can project a football game from my computer to the TV if I want to see it in big screen. I have a small set in the shop just for that purpose. It runs from a separate computer, so I can watch a game and still chat with you on RM.

On DirecTV, I had NFL GamePass, so I could watch any game I chose. I now have a similar arrangement, but a lot cheaper.

Pay attention, and follow me now. NFL has a GamePass service that allows for watching any game -- except that it isn't valid within the United States or Canada. It doesn't cost much for a season.

So, I use a Virtual Private Network (VPN -- which I already had) to tell GamePass that I am logging in from UK or Netherlands (my two favorites), and that lets me choose any game I want -- and I can switch back and forth. I project that game to a TV set.

In the living room, I can only watch the game, because I have only one computer in here, but I have two computers in the shop, so I can do both.

Is that cool or what?

Take care,

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