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If there is such a ban, it is the best kept secret in Georgia. . . .
Re: I 'member that'n! Russ - As an aside, most Waffle Houses don't just prohibit employees from carrying, they ban customers from carrying as well. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden ®

12/02/2019, 21:13:36

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Tee --
I eat at Waffle House about once a week, and have been doing so for about fifteen years.  It was almost daily after my Wife died.

There ain't no customer ban.  Trust me, I would'a noticed.  If I were a PhD candidate, I would have done a study on the customer base. 

It is biased toward men, especially on week days.  Morning crowd is guys on their way to work.  Evening crowd is guys who have finished their work day.  The eleven PM crowd is guys who have put in a hard day's work, and got nobody to go home to.  There are no blacks in that crowd -- especially up here.  Waffle House is just not a "black kind of place."

The one I visit is a semi-rural  location.  The servers and the customers know each other by first names, plus enough history to make greetings notable, but always polite.   I would bet that at least two outa three of those guys are carrying, and very comfortable doing so.

The incident I related did not happen in "my Waffle House," but in one not too far away.  In my curious way, I tried to imagine if it had been.  Three black guys walking into a semi-country Waffle House at 11:00PM!  Nah!  They should'a just laid down in the driveway and waited for somebody to run over them.  They would'a lived longer.

Country folks can be fun, . . . . . or dangerous.

Take care,

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