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Hey. SF is the armpit of the planet. They get the weather they deserve. <smirk>
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

12/01/2019, 21:55:49

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Robert -

The Fins played the best game they've played this year. They were consistent, they made the big plays when they had to, it was astonishing.

They scored 37 points, while holding the Eagles to 31. In the second half, they scored 23 unanswered points.

This is what the Fins are capable of when they show up on both sides of the ball. Special teams scored a TD, too. I hope you get to see that highlight. It was amazing. They lined up for a field goal inside the 10, then shifted into a bizarre formation - the line and blockers split out to the sides, the kicker formed up with the line on the left. The holder lined up behind center in the backfield - they were the only two guys in the center of the formation - it was WIDE OPEN in the middle. It was as weird as the barroom scene in Star Wars. The holder took the snap, ran left and the team moved left like he was gonna try to sweep it in with a run. Meanwhile, the kicker slid into the center of the end zone facing the holder and the holder abruptly shovel passed the ball forward to him, whereupon he caught it right in the gut and unceremoniously sat down on his ass.

They faked Philly right out of their shorts. It was hilarious.



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