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Memo to Andrew Yang et al:
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Posted by: TEEBONE ģ

11/30/2019, 16:35:32

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You Don't Just Deserve a Rich Person's Money

Brandon Morse
6-8 minutes

The state of modern politics is enough to drive anyone crazy, but I think one of the crazier parts of this is probably the fact that the Democrats in our society think theyíre Robin Hood.

For some reason, the idea that being a rich person in our society is some sort of evil has pervaded mainstream thought, and frankly, I think thatís a bit ridiculous. Iíve met many rich people in my time here on the spinning blue marble, and most of them have been charitable and lovely people. They probably do more for others than theyíre ever given credit for, and to be honest, I think a lot of people would be surprised to hear about just how much they do for others as they donít really talk about it much.

But if you listen to people like Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders and many other Democrats who bought into leftist radicalism, the rich need to ďpay their fair share,Ē and Democrats are only too happy to cheer wildly every time they mention it.

While itís all absolutely horrible, itís Andrew Yangís universal basic income (UBI) plan that really surprises me. Yang has essentially promised money to people for existing, and that has won him the loyalty of a group of people who have become a little bit rabid in their defense of them.

Yang likes to tweet out from time to time that heís literally trying to give people money if he gets elected president. While I like Yang as a person, his policies are insane, and if weíre getting down to brass tacks here, promising to essentially pay people if heís elected sounds a lot like bribery.

Naturally, Iím not a big fan of that idea because I know exactly where that money is going to come from and just how much value the dollar will have after that. As such, I tweeted Yang to stay out of my wallet.

Dude, gtfo of my wallet.

ó Brandon Morse (@TheBrandonMorse)†November 27, 2019

His fans didnít appreciate that and I began getting responses, which then kicked off a deluge of debates in my Twitter feed. While most were flowery and fanciful ideas about how a UBI was going to be paid for, one person, in particular, got my attention. He was angry that I would question Yang and said I should just shut up and sit down since I donít make enough to pay a VAT tax.

For those of you that donít know what that is, a ďvalue-added taxĒ is essentially a tax that is added to a product at every stage of its journey to the consumer. Itís used by many industrialized nations in the west, with the United States being one of the notable exceptions, as we use a sales tax. I wonít get too much into a VAT tax system, but suffice to say that in a republic where states set their own tax levels, a VAT system would complicate things with too much bureaucratic red tape, not to mention it would put greater burdens on small businesses.

Tl;Dr: A VAT tax system isnít a good idea.

But thatís not what really caught my attention. What really got me was the fact that this Yang Ganger said that if I do make enough money to pay into the VATs system (Iím assuming he means that Iím a business owner) that I ďdeserveĒ to pay into the system.

I had to ask a simple question.

ďSo if someone becomes rich, you deserve that personís money despite the fact that you didnít do anything to earn it?Ē

Oh okay. So if someone becomes rich, you deserve that person's money despite the fact that you didn't do anything to earn it? You can just make that call to steal it from them? Why do you deserve a rich person's money?†

ó Brandon Morse (@TheBrandonMorse)†November 30, 2019

I havenít received an answer yet, but I think my question deserves to be asked of everyone who supports Yang, or Sanders, or Warren.

Why is it suddenly okay to steal peopleís money? Itís not ours to take, yet Democrats are trying to find ways to make thievery legal. They want to raise taxes and punish anyone who tries to find a way to work around paying less as if looking to pay fewer taxes is an evil thing.

I have other questions that I feel need to be asked, too. Why is being rich a bad thing? Shouldnít it be encouraged? Rich people are employers. They create businesses. They are pushers and pullers of the economy. Why would we want to weaken them? Weakening them only weakens those who work for them, or worse, puts them out of a job.

The thing is, being rich is a great thing and if you become rich then you deserve to keep as much of that money as absolutely possible. Rich people will use that money to find a way to create more money and that usually involves creating more jobs for more people to make more money.

What the Democrats are fostering right now is a culture where people who arenít rich look at wealth as something that they deserve a piece of despite not having done anything to earn it. They believe they†deserve†someone elseís wealth while feeling like those with wealth†deserve†to have it taken from them.

This isnít just a dangerous way to run an economic system, itís morally wrong.

The brutal truth is those rich people, whether they were born into it or made it themselves, deserve to have this money. It belongs to them and their families. If youíre not in that family, then you donít deserve it. Itís not yours, nor is it your place to tell others how they can handle it. I understand the necessity of a tax, but itís definitely not necessary for taxes to be put in place that essentially steal from the rich in order to give to the not-rich.

I donít even want to say ďpoorĒ because a lot of people set to benefit from a UBI, medicare for all, or free college plans are well-off middle-class people.

Get out of other peopleís wallets. If you want more money, go find a way to make it. Work harder, longer, and get more creative. Take on more responsibilities and see them through.

If youíre not willing to do that, then you donít deserve to get richer. Thatís the hard truth that people like our socialists in the Democrat party want to avoid telling you. Theyíd rather bribe you with promises of free things then encourage you to make the best out of yourself.

And that, in the end, is the grossest thing about this legalized thievery that the Democrats are pushing for. They want you to stagnate with rewards for doing nothing so you will give them power. They want you to feel like you deserve other peopleís money for merely existing.

You donít. Do work.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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