VA: "It can't happen here." (Good luck with that.)
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

11/29/2019, 10:09:51

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VA: Did Virginia Democrats Awaken a ‘Sleeping Giant’ With Their Anti-Gun Agenda?
Submitted by:">Mark A. Taff

The Trump presidency has led to many squishy GOP voters in the suburbs voting for Democrats. This development, coupled with the Virginia GOP being unable to find candidates who could win statewide and leaving nearly 25 percent of state senate races without a Republican opponent, led to disaster on election night. Virginia Republicans only had a two-seat majority in the House of Delegates and a one-seat majority in the state senate. For the first time in two decades, the Democrats control all in Richmond.

Comment by: PHORTO (11/29/2019)
They are reaping the consequences of their own complacency. How many gun owners in that state held the view, "Hey. Frothing at the mouth over an imagined 'tyranny' is an extremist position." and sat on their hands instead of emulating Paul Revere. Well, the Redcoats showed up and said, "SUPRISE!"

And it should have been no surprise, at all.

General Gage, call your office...


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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