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Resistence finally rises up to anti-conservative horrors - Seattle is Dying video by LEFTIST destroys 'Crat narrative.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/29/2019, 03:34:26

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The Seattle politicians and the Homeless Industrial Complex corporations responded to the revelations in the video immediately - using tax-funds to hire expensive PR firms to attempt to discredit the documentary-makers in a multi-pronged assault.

The undisguised, utter hatred that has been unleashed on the film makers along with a panicked disinformation campaign attempting to spread lies in place of the truths of the film - but it's not working. So far the video has gotten MILLIONS of hits and is becoming a fixture of the resistance movement's efforts to edumacate the public.

Possibly worst of all for the 'Crats is that this is not being done by James O'Keefe, but by local leftists who have figured out that the so-called "leaders" of state and local government have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the suffering of the people they are ostensibly serving.

The I Ching says that all things eventually turn into their opposites. That which is full, becomes empty. That which is all-powerful, becomes weak. So (one hopes) in regard to the vise-like strangle-hold the left has on so many large urban centers like Seattle. Unless there is a turn-around of "leadership" in these places, the end result cannot help but be something similar to the destruction of Rome.

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