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Taking any position which includes the term "banning guns" is like putting one to his political head and pulling the trigger.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/26/2019, 21:07:19

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Gun control is a loser politically. Such bleating from Biden is simply more evidence that he is desperate and getting more so daily.

If the Hunter Biden fiasco didn't sink him, Doombergs entry into the field wi most assuredly do so. Biden is already starving for funding as it is.

With Doomberg sucking up "moderate" candidate funding, Biden is going to have to face the reality that he can't hang.

He will continue to swing left and continue to collapse, while Doomberg presides over the controlled demolition of the remaining 'Crat field - to make way for some ringer like Oprah, Moochelle or Hill-O-Lies.

Anyone who thinks the 'Crats are not dumb enough to try to run Hill-O-Lies one last time has not been paying attention since the 2016 election was decided.

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